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Funding and Awards Opportunities

Academic/Merit Awards

Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science Service Award  

Beginning in Winter Semester 2021, we are instituting an annual award to recognize a graduating senior who has demonstrated exceptional service to the Weinberg Institute and our Cognitive Science community. We will accept nominations from students, staff, and faculty. Students may also self-nominate. Students eligible for a service award may demonstrate service in one or more of the following ways:

  • A student who has actively supported their fellow peers in their academic and professional pursuits through activities such as tutoring, connecting students to on-campus CogSci resources/events, etc.

  • A student who has shown significant engagement with academic events and organizations pertaining to CogSci and its contributing units (e.g, a student who has been extensively involved with Pre-Speech/Hearing Club or CogSci Community)

  • A student who has actively and positively represented the Weinberg Institute and CogSci major across campus, including assisting in outreach efforts. 

  • A student who has demonstrated service via exceptional global engagement (e.g. a student who has taken part in a study abroad program, documented their engagement with cognitive science topics while abroad, and presented their experiences abroad to fellow CogSci students upon return)

  • A student who has contributed greatly to DEI initiatives in the Weinberg Institutes and/or its contributing units/departments and/or has gone above and beyond to foster an inclusive environment for members of the UM cognitive science community

Recipients will receive a $500 award as well as a certificate.

Please submit your application by April 15, 2021 by clicking on the button below:

Scholarships and Funding

1) Research, Conference Travel, and Professional Development Funding

The Weinberg Institute allocates funding each academic year to support undergraduate cognitive science majors in their research, academic, and professional initiatives. Limited funding is available for printing posters, conference travel and registration, faculty/student research collaboration, and colloquium or mini conference coordination.

In order to ensure equitable funding opportunities for students, the Weinberg Institute observes the following per student/per academic year caps on funding requests. Please note funding is available on a limited basis.

Weinberg Institute Research Award

  • Students may request up to $1,000 per academic year for research-related projects

Weinberg Institute Conference Travel Award

  • Students may request up to $500 per academic year for conference travel/registration

Weinberg Institute Professional Development Award

  • Students may request up to $500 per academic year for professional development

Students may request funding for research-related projects, conference travel/registration, and professional development in one academic year - making it possible for a student to receive up to $1,500 in Weinberg funding per academic year

The cap for students presenting their research at a conference will be decided on a case-by-case basis, but will not exceed $1,500

2) Weinberg Cognitive Science Study Abroad Award

Because Study Abroad is such an enriching and valuable experience, we are introducing the Weinberg Cognitive Science Study Abroad Award! Students may apply to receive up to $1000 as needed (and as the budget allows) for a study abroad experience. To be eligible to apply, students must meet the following criteria:

  • The student must be declared as a Cog Sci major;

  • The student must be participating in a credit-bearing international experience (including CGIS or self-organized study abroad); 

  • The student must be taking at least one course for CogSci credit as part of their study abroad program; and

  • The student must demonstrate significant financial need.

Application Procedure:

  • Submit an application through InfoReady, answering all questions and including the following information:

    • Proof of acceptance to Study Abroad program

    • Students must provide a 1-2 paragraph statement of how the funds will be used, as well as a bulleted budget of expenses

    • Students must write a 2-3 paragraph statement of purpose on how their Study Abroad experience contributes to their knowledge/experience as a CogSci major

Application Deadlines:

Students participating in Winter term programs must apply by December 1 

Students participating in Spring/Summer and Fall term programs must apply by April 1

Honors Thesis Awards

  •  In recognition of the contributions made by Marshall M. Weinberg to the field of Cognitive Science and the University of Michigan, an annual prize may be awarded to an exemplary submitted Honors Thesis paper (written by a declared Cognitive Science student) in recognition of outstanding research performance in the field of Cognitive Science.

  • For the 2020-2021 academic year, we will also be considering honors theses for the Sam Epstein Award for Contributions to Theoretical Cognitive Science. Theses eligible for this award will demonstrate significant engagement with foundational, theoretical, or conceptual issues in cognitive science.