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9th annual Marshall M. Weinberg Symposium

April 6, 2018 - All-day event

The Marshall M. Weinberg Symposium is an annual interdisciplinary event that focuses on topics within cognitive science. The symposium emphasizes interdisciplinary activities and aims to foster fruitful and lasting interactions among philosophers, psychologists, linguists, and other cognitive scientists. 

The Shared Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence and
Cognitive Science

The 2018 Weinberg Symposium will explore recent dramatic advances in AI and their implications for our developing understanding and investigation of mind and brain. Of special interest are deep learning and reinforcement learning, and the resurgence of explorations of computational architectures intended to support general intelligence. An aim of the symposium is to clarify and advance the reciprocal flow of theoretical ideas across AI and cognitive science, broadly understood to include neuroscience and psychology. This includes identifying specific computational problems shared by both artificial and human brains, and leading ideas for solutions to those problems; identifying areas of both theoretical convergence and divergence; rethinking core concepts in cognitive science such as planning, motivation, attention, and abstraction; and putting into sharp focus fundamental gaps in our present scientific understanding and engineering capacities that might be promising areas for new cross-disciplinary work.

Visitor Information

Please see the links below for information regarding parking, wayfinding, and accommodations.