T-Shirt Design for the CSC

Cognitive Science Community (CSC) is a group of undergraduate students from varying majors that are all interested in the field of cognitive science. They organize speaker events, Q&As, and social events such as their Brain Dissection in November and Cognitive Science Colloquium in April. 

CSC is currently selling t-shirts where proceeds will go the Michigan United Cerebral Palsy Foundation, whose goal is to empower all Michiganders with disabilities statewide and to enable all Michiganders with disabilities to live to the best of their abilities and ambitions. This semester, the group is leaning more into the “community” part of their name. As a way to start, they want to build community with matching shirts while also giving back to the community. The groups finance chair, Moshay Turner, did research on charities and non-profits in the area that handle neurological disorders and help improve conditions of those who have them. The CSC executive board narrowed it down to three choices, but ultimately decided on the Michigan United Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

Member and Co-President, Jill Charbonneau, said "this organization has a special place in my heart because my brother suffers from cerebral palsy. I haven’t told him or my mom yet about the entirety of the plans for these shirts, but once the fundraiser ends and we have the total amount of donations, I am positive that they will be overjoyed. I am proud of this organization for coming together to help out such a great cause for the community, especially one so close to home."

To order a shirt you do not need to be a part of the Cognitive Science Community, they are $10 and you can fill out this form by January 31st at 11:59 pm.