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Many departments use MailChimp to send newsletters, announcements and other email campaigns. In this section you will find information on setting up campaigns using standard MailChimp templates. After your department website launches in AEM you will receive an email with the updated banner image you will need to upload to your template to keep a consistent look and feel between your website and your newsletter.

If you have questions about the initial set up of MailChimp, please schedule an Open Lab session. 


What is the difference between Templates and Campaigns?

Templates are a saved email design and the layout for the content. Campaigns are the newsletter content.

  • You can create one or more templates
  • Templates can be reused in multiple campaigns
  • You can create templates before you create Campaigns

Can I create template defaults for font color and styles?

Yes! In the template builder, next to the Content tab, is a tab called Design. You can set font colors & style, link colors, line height, padding, borders, background color and more.

You may also be interested in the LSA Color Palette.

How do I create a list?

MailChimp has a step-by-step guide with videos on how to create or import lists.

How do I export email addresses from MCommunity?


Things to Note:

  • It’s important to import individual email addresses instead of using group emails
  • When using group emails, if one person unsubscribes, it can unsubscribe the whole email group
  • You must be an owner of the group to export the email addresses

How do I build a Campaign?

MailChimp has a step-by-step guide with videos on how to create campaigns.

How do I input content into a newsletter?

MailChimp offers a step-by-step guide including videos on how to input content.

Commonly used image and component sizes

Image Requirements and Size

  • File size should be less than 1MB
  • Use PNG or JPG formats
  • RGB mode instead of CMYK

Commonly used component sizes

  • Header: 600px
  • Body area (with sidebar): 350px
  • Sidebar: 160px

How important are the unsubscribe links?

Every campaign sent through MailChimp must include a link to an unsubscribe form, as required by law.

MailChimp automatically inserts a gray footer into your campaign with the required information including an unsubscribe link, though the footer is completely customizable.

MailChimps Terms of Use and Anti-spam Requirements

How do I preview a newsletter before I send it?

MailChimp has a section that includes videos on how to preview newsletters.

How do I send a test newsletter?

MailChimp provides a section with videos on how to send a test of a newsletter and how to schedule newsletters.  

You may also be interested in the Merge Tags Cheat Sheet.

How do I make a newsletter more accessible?

It’s important to make sure web content is accessible so that people with disabilities can access, perceive, and interact with that content. 

Best Practices

  • Use Descriptive Subject Lines
  • Maintain a Logical Structure
  • Use Headers
  • Use Color Contrast
  • Don't Hide Information in Images
  • Use Proper Alt Text for Images
  • Use Meaningful Link Text

How do I put a newsletter subscription link on my website?

Find your newsletter subscription link in MailChimp

You can find your subscription link under the Lists section in MailChimp. Navigate to the list you want to have users subscribe to, click Sign up Forms, click General Forms. Your subscription link is under Signup Form URL.

After you have your signup form url, you can use a button component on your unit website or insert the link into text.

Does MailChimp Sell Email Addresses?

According to MailChimp's Privacy Policy, it does not sell email addresses.  This website gives the guidelines how your the information you provide is shared with companies associated with MailChimp.

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