Join us to get caught up on all things web related! Updates about the
AEM transition, the state of Open Text and anything else we think will
help you do your web work more effectively will be shared at our first
Web Content Editor's Group meeting of the academic year, October 8th, at
8:30 am, in Room 1636 in the School of Social Work Building. Four of
our newly minted "AEM Authors" will address the group about their
experiences to date. You don't want to miss it!!

Bring your questions, comments, concerns and conundrums. And, bring a
friend. This group is for ALL web editor's in LSA, regardless of
whether you use Open Text, WordPress, Mailchimp, or AEM, and was
conceptualized as a community forum for knowledge sharing and the
development of best practices. Please come and share what you know and
learn from others.