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This release captures more work towards transitioning the authoring experience away from the "Classic UI" to the "Touch UI" editing tools. This will allow authors to leverage the newest and best features within AEM that Adobe has available for content creation.

Important bug fixes related to some of the authoring components are included in this release. These fixes should help make authoring a smoother experience.

In alignment with our goal to keep the AEM platform current, an upgrade from AEM 6.3.0 to AEM 6.3.2 was performed. This article from Adobe explains the benefits of this upgrade: "What's included in AEM 6.3.2?" Essentially the upgrade provides more stability, addresses platform-level bugs, and implements important "housekeeping."

Lastly, some important fine-tuning adjustments to the system were made that improve the performance reliability and speed when an author performs searches in the authoring-environment such as searching for users or groups, or searching for pages, or performing asset deletion operations.

Release Notes


  • [LAP-1835] - RTE Plugin Icon and additional Gap in Accordion Component dialogue box (Touch UI)
  • [LAP-1937] - Free crop for images not functioning
  • [LAP-1939] - Calendar Page - Filtered by week/month can't use the back button on Browser
  • [LAP-1947] - List - Sightly Component UI Error
  • [LAP-1962] - DAM Folders getting Deleted
  • [LAP-1963] - right-parsys not working for department person profile page
  • [LAP-1967] - LSA News Article displaying text in Text component in Different size.
  • [LAP-1968] - Touch UI: cannot add text to the Text and Image component
  • [LAP-1969] - Touch UI: Alert Dialogue box is missing RTE icons
  • [LAP-1970] - Asset Gallery is displaying at the top of page instead of 30 px from screen


  • [LAP-1900] - Touch UI: Adding Layout functionality to current Department Templates
  • [LAP-1943] - SECURITY: XSS Vulnerability in Search
  • [LAP-1964] - Apply Updates/Patches to 6.3.2
  • [LAP-1972] - Review Depicted Test for 4.2.0
  • [LAP-1973] - Touch UI: Hide components from Users
  • [LAP-1980] - Prod-Author Heap and Out-of-Memory Issue
  • [LAP-1989] - Depicted run for release 4.2.0
  • [LAP-1996] - Update handy url for "mrc" to "mrads"
  • [LAP-1997] - Create new handy url for "css"
  • [LAP-2002] - CUG: Enable the configuration of CUG on all pages and limit access to a special group (non-authors).
  • [LAP-2003] - Change Request: Author the 4.2.0 change request for Adobe to review.
  • [LAP-2019] - RELEASE: Create the 4.2.0 MVN Release Build.


  • [LAP-923] - Touch UI Refresh Page for Preview Mode
  • [LAP-1586] - Gray out Admin Settings dialogue box in Touch UI
  • [LAP-1813] - Touch UI: Remove "Solutions" and "Help" Icon from the Project Dashboard
  • [LAP-1870] - Sitemap touch UI Improvement
  • [LAP-1871] - External Component Touch UI Improvement
  • [LAP-1874] - Table Component Touch UI Improvement
  • [LAP-1875] - Title Component Touch UI Improvement
  • [LAP-1881] - Publication Detail Page - Touch UI Dialogue Box Update
  • [LAP-1885] - Asset Metadata Properties Improvements
  • [LAP-1893] - Update LSA Banner to hide any content based on permissions
  • [LAP-1915] - Asset Gallery: Allow for more than one Asset Gallery Component to display on a page
  • [LAP-1942] - Touch UI: LSA Victors Updated dialogue box
  • [LAP-1951] - News Search Results - request to show tag clicked on for search
  • [LAP-1957] - Touch UI: Update Admin Dialogue box for Portal Blueprints
  • [LAP-1958] - Touch UI: News Archive Component, Hide Button Option
  • [LAP-1960] - Touch UI: List Slightly, Advanced Search Option
  • [LAP-2001] - Video not automatically playing in Chrome