Add text to the end of your "YouTube Identifier" text to disable the related videos function on the YouTube component.

This tip to disable that annoying "realted videos" feature of YouTube was recently discovered by our crack Quality Assurance Specialist, Jessica Kowalewski. It's a feature few of us in Higher Ed like to see, because frankly, you never know what's going to pop up in there. 

Here's the scoop: Simply add this text to the end of the YouTube identifier:  ?rel=0 

Bonus tip:

You can also display a playlist of videos instead of the just a single video (the disabled related video codeworks in this scenario too), which means the next video on the playlist will automatically play on your site.

The equation for this tip is as follows:

Video identifier code  plus playlist identifier plus  ?rel=0

Steps to finding the playlist identifier code:

1) Select the YouTube video that you want to display first from the playlist.

2) Click on Share. The URL link you get displays as

a) YouTube Identifier = 64uLJ-LzVYs

b) Playlist Id = ?list=PLel8OibwNRKYQWd3fhGzh1CnpwLmjnIbJ

c) Remove Related videos code = &rel=0*

3) Put the elements together to create the code for the YouTube component: 


*Please note that when using the playlist code, the "?" goes before the Playlist Code and the "&" before the Related Videos code.