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Tagging Content

If you need a new tag, of any kind (including Campus Information Event tags), send your request to

There are 3 types of content that require tags for them function properly in AEM.


  1. Fields of Study Page (under People page): These tags are created at the time your site is migrated into AEM. One of the steps in the site survey is to supply Web Services with a list of “Fields of Study.” You can call the page whatever you like on your site (Research Areas, etc.) but the thing that allows faculty to be grouped together by area is called “Fields of Study” in AEM.
  2. Uniqname tags for faculty (News related): If the “show department news filtered by tag” box is checked on a faculty profile, and the “Make uniqname tag” box is checked, any news item tagged with a Faculty members name will appear on their profile page.


  1. News “Category” pages (Faculty News, Student News, Awards, etc.)
    1. In the Page Properties for News, in the “Category/Tags” field, begin typing the word you want to tag the item with (faculty, awards, etc.).
    2. A dropdown will appear with a list of tags.
    3. Make sure you select the tag that has your site name in front of it (soc/people/faculty).
  2. Faculty “Related News” component on individual profile pages
    1. Tag news items with Faculty person’s name and it will populate in the “related News” section of their profile (if correct box is checked on their profile (see a, ii above).
    2. The first time this feature is used, you must right-click to edit the dialog, and select OK. This signals to the system that the feature is in use.   
  3. “News Archive” Component
    1. To feature only news about a particular field of study on a page in a single column format, tag News articles with a field of study tag for use in this component. 


  1. Featured Event
    1. When entering your event in the system, tag your event with one of the choices on their site. 
    2. Back in AEM, select the Page Properties from the Sidekick on the Home Page.
    3. Select the News Events/People tab in the page properties window
    4. In the "Featured Event Tag" field, type the tag you applied in the system.
    5. The result will be that this event, and any other event you tag this way, will be faeatured at the top of your event feed on the homepage, on the News & Events page, and on the All Events page.

Creating Events: Working with the Campus Information Calendar

Event Content is pulled automatically into AEM from the Campus Information (CI) Database (, which means all event information for AEM is now entered through the Campus Information System.

If you do not currently have an account with CI, please sign up immediately (steps are below).

  1. Go to Campus Information (please bookmark) and sign in (uniqname and password).
  2. Click on “My Groups” in top menu.
  3. The page will be blank if no one has requested a group for your department, or if you do not have access to the group.
  4. Click on + Request a New Group.
  5. In Group Name Field, enter the formal name of your department, center or unit.
  6. Leave the public box checked (meaning your events will be viewable on the CI system).
  7. Click Create.