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Using the Featured Event Functionality

The feautured event functionality in AEM is much more flexible than originally discussed in your AEM training. You can choose to highlight an individual event or group of events by making a simple change to the homepage properties "Featured Event Tag" field.

This expanded functionality keeps featured events from being highlighted as featured in other departments AEM events feeds (because they have been added as a sponsor).

The following steps allow you to change up your featured events as often as you like:

1. In the calendar system, tag your event with a generic tag, such as "workshop."

2. Navigate to the authoring interface for your AEM homepage.

3. Select the page tab in the sidekick.

4. Select page properties on the sidekick.

5. Select the "News Events People" tab in the page properties dialog window.

6. In the Featured Event Tag field, enter the tag (i.e., workshop) you used in the system for your Featured Event.

7. Click OK.

8. Click Activate Page on Sidekick.

9. Refresh page using browser refresh or the reload page icon in the lower left corner of the sidekick.

PLEASE NOTE: Your event must include an image, otherwise it will not appear at the top of the feed on the News & Events page, or at the top of the category page to which it belongs.