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Poster Resources

Getting Started

This page contains useful resources and information for getting started on creating your research poster. Need some help getting started?

Poster Dimensions

32" x 40" 

Landscape and portrait poster orientations are permitted. 

Poster Formatting

Posters should be created in PowerPoint and saved as a PDF. 


Joint Posters

No more than two students are permitted to collaborate on one poster.

Poster Printing

Students must recieve their mentor's approval prior to printing their poster. Students who have not recieved their mentor's approval may be charged for the full price of the poster, and will be denied Symposium particiaption. Posters should be submitted through the UROP Student Portal for approval.

Students will print their poster through the UROP Office. Posters MUST be submitted in PDF format. Any other format will not be accepted. 

*Posters must be submitted with the with UROP as the first line of the document title (example: UROPSympPoster_uniqname)

**Students who cannot make the deadline could be responsible for their own poster printing and payment.**

Poster Workshops/Resources

  • February 22nd (4pm-5:20pm)
  • March 22nd (6pm-7:20pm)

Poster Examples

Extra Poster Tips

UROP Symposium Poster Workshop Resources

Make sure your content is visible

Creating a single poster to be displayed over a virtual screen allows your audience to read the entire poster, but make sure that all of the text is legible and images come through on such a small screen.

Limit the amount of text

This may sound counterintuitive but pictures, charts, and graphs are often better at conveying information. Also, think about how long someone is actually going to read your poster or slide. It probably won’t be very long, so make sure that they can go away with an understanding of what your project was about.

Make your title stand out!

This is what will catch people’s attention and make them want to stop and look at your poster. The title should be your largest text. You can also use a different font and colors to make it stand out further.

Keep your font types consistent

While it’s okay to use a few different types to make different sections stand out; try to limit your poster to using no more than three font types.

Giving credit where it’s due

List all authors involved in with your research project, and be sure to include everyone’s correct titles (ex. Dr., Professor, etc.)!!

Put the department your project came out of (ex. Pharmacology, Anthropology, etc.)

UROP Approved Logos

Contact for any questions about further poster resources or poster printing.