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Research Scholars Program

The UROP Research Scholars Program is designed for students who want to expand on their first year UROP experience and participate in UROP for a second year at an advanced level. The program is designed for Scholars to increase independence in research, broaden exposure to resources for continuing research, develop practical strategies for identifying and meeting scholars' academic and career goals, and increase their leadership skills.

Program Eligibility

EligibilityThe 2017-2018 Research Scholars program is available to students who have participated in our traditional UROP program for one year and who wish to continue with their research.In addition, eligible students:Will be enrolled in undergraduate course-work at the UM-Ann Arbor Campus during the 2017-2018 academic yearwill have worked with their current UROP mentor on a research proposal that will support the scholar's participation in the larger mentor projectwill commit to participating in Research Scholars Fall 2017 and Winter 2018.

Program Components

Research project 

Scholars are expected to utilize their experiences from their first year of research and work with their mentor to conduct a student-led project. This is flexible, and will be something that you have discussed with and planned with your mentor. The project can be anything from answering your own original question to looking at a subset of data collected from a larger project. 

For example – we had a student who conducted research using paper as a medium for sculpture her first year of UROP. As a Research Scholar, she tested a variety of other materials using the techniques that she utilized her first year with paper. Another student has proposed to examine a specific population of cancer patients that were part of a larger study. There are limitless options to what a Research Scholar might propose for their project! The idea behind the student-led project is that students will have an experience where they are able to explore something that they are interested in under the guidance of expert mentorship. 


In lieu of the seminars experienced during the first year of UROP, students will participate in small (<20 students) bi-weekly workshops. These workshops are designed to help provide students with the skills that they need to disseminate their research findings. For some students this may be submitting a manuscript to an undergraduate or professional journal, for some it may be writing an op-ed piece, hosting an exhibition, creating a videotalk, maintaining a blog, creating a website, or giving a formal oral presentation. Throughout the year, students will be required to share their research in two ways of their own choosing meaningful for them.  We are currently partnering with RELATE to help students develop dissemination skills. 

Presenting at a Research Conference

All Scholars are required to present their reserach and can present at the UROP Spring Symposium. However, we strongly encourage them to seek other national venues where they can network with peers and scholars from other institutions. 

Application Process and Timeline

Application Deadline: Ongoing

Application Process

Talk with your current UROP mentor about how you can develop an independent project based on the work you did this year.

Complete the Online Application. 

You may start an application and save it. Keep a copy of your work for your records. Once you submit your application, you cannot change it.

When you submit the application, your Peer Advisor and UROP mentor will be emailed links to their recommendation forms. Please make sure you notify them about the process so they can look for the link. 

Selected work from our Research Scholars