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Community College Summer Fellowship Program (CCSFP)

Fellowship Dates: May 30, 2023- August 4, 2023

Application Opens: Monday, December 5, 2022

Application Deadline: Friday, February 10, 2023

Recommendation Deadline: February 27, 2023

Acceptance Notification: will begin on Friday, March 10, 2023

Mandatory Orientation: Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Stipend: Research fellows receive a $3,000- $6,000 stipend for their full-time participation in the program.

Information Sessions: 

"Explore your Future Career while Discovering the World of Research"

Please send both your official High School and Community College Transcripts to the following address:


1190 Undergraduate Science Building

204 Washtenaw Ave

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2215

Contact Information: Please email

CCSFP Frequently Asked Questions

Does the fellowship provide housing on campus or parking?

Housing: No, the fellowship does NOT provide housing on campus, however housing stipends (based on need) are available for fellows whose permanent residence is located 50 miles outside of the Ann Arbor Area.

Parking: Due to parking restrictions, UROP is unable to cover on-campus parking for fellows. However, UROP will work with students to find accessible commuter parking lots and access to free public and university transportation.

Can I switch my field of interest/research project once I get accepted? 

We highly recommend that you stay with your chosen field and the research topic that you initially indicated on your application.

 Can I ask anyone to write my Two Letters of Recommendation?

We ask that one of your letters of recommendation be from a faculty member at your current institution who can speak specifically about your capability of doing research in your desired field.

Can I take summer classes and do the summer fellowship?

You are allowed to enroll in one course only. However, the summer fellowship and the program require a significant amount of time commitment, and thus we STRONGLY recommend that you do not enroll in any classes.

Do I receive credit toward my degree at my community college for my summer fellowship? 

No. You will not receive credit toward your graduation requirements at your community college.

If I am a community college transfer student who just got accepted to University of Michigan, or if I am waiting for my acceptance letter from the University of Michigan, am I eligible to apply for the summer fellowship?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for the Michigan Community College Summer Fellowship. 

Student Testimonials

“This experience has helped me become a stronger and better human being. I have grown in my confidence, I am more outgoing, and more willing to believe in myself that I can truly make a difference in the lives of others. Things were tough for me the first month of UROP, but the CCSFP staff (Mai Ze, McKenzie, Justin, and Catalina) gathered around me to let me know I was not alone -- thank you! This made all the difference. “Being a part of CCSFP has confirmed my passions for psychology and working with children. Being in this program this summer has prepared me to attend successfully this fall as a transfer student. If it weren't for this program, and the amazing staff at UROP -- my chances of being successful this fall would be slim, but because of you all and this amazing program -- I know I am right where I am supposed to be!! I am proud to be a Fellow and a Wolverine!! Go Blue!”  –Julia, GRCC, CCSFP Fellow 2016

“My goals remain mostly the same, but this program reaffirmed my belief in myself. I almost didn't apply, because I thought I was such a long shot. I am glad I gave it my best, despite all of the rough circumstances I went through this summer. My experience here this summer just gave me the extra motivation to keep working towards goals, no matter what happens, and to believe in myself.” –Joshua Peters, MCC, CCSFP Fellow 2016

“Prior to this summer and CCSFP I never would have considered coming the University of Michigan. It's not that I didn't want to, it's that I would have never thought that I would be able to because I never saw myself being accepted here. But through the relationships and the accomplishments of this summer I have seriously began to re-evaluate my goals and standards for my life and set them just a little higher.” –Kia, NMC, CCSFP Fellow 2016

"CCSFP has allowed me to fully understand what academia entails beyond just reviewing literature and preparing for exams. In this program, I have learned so much about research and how research is vital in shaping the society we live and understanding it. In particular, my research project has solidified my interest in helping underrepresented communities." –Kai, HFC, CCSFP Fellow 2016

“CCSFP definitely provided me with the research aspect that was missing in my life, just like I'm certain it did with the rest of the students. It allowed me to experience and learn about current/previous scientific discoveries through the evaluation of literature, which is something I only dreamed of doing. In addition to the exposure to the lab atmosphere and the review of scientific literature to learn about current/past research, CCSFP has increased my time management skills, taught me email etiquette, and also expanded my network and allowed me to meet individuals I can definitely rely on.” –Mohamad, HFC, CCSFP Fellow 2016

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