What years did you participate in UROP?


What made you choose UROP?

Growing up, I always had a passion for learning, and was ready for my next level of growth. At my time in Michigan, I was fortunate enough to learn from some of the top minds in research from around the world.

What do you think you have learned from your UROP experience?

I learned to believe in my intellectual abilities and pursuits, how to apply critical thinking skills, and present my work in a meaningful way.

What is the extent to which you have kept in contact with your Research Mentor?

I haven't kept up with my Research Mentor, but funny enough, my twin sister (Dr. Usha Pasupuleti, MD, Michigan '07 and UROP graduate) and I became friends with a classmate in our UROP cohort ( Dr. Angela Kuznia, MD, Michigan '07 and UROP graduate) who we end up living with our senior year and we still talk to and celebrate life milestones with her to this day!

How did your UROP experience shape or inform the next steps you took in your academic and professional journey?

I always knew I would like to pursue higher learning, and I believe that the critical thinking skills and technical writing practice that I received in UROP prepared me to get both my Juris Doctor and Masters of Healthcare Administration. Those skills carried with me years later-I develop healthcare strategies in my job today.

What advice would you give to a current UROP student?

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn about research and professionalism. Start your professional network now-you never know how you'll get connected to your next step!

What are some recent publications or accomplishments that you are proud of?

2018 presentation for the American Community Health Institute: Medical-Legal Partnerships and Medical Financial Partnerships: Models that integrate community services to address Social Determinants of Health.

Is there any other advice you would like to impart to current or future UROP students.

Keep in touch with your UROP classmates, rest assured that they will do amazing things! I still see some UROP graduates in different cities as well as various professional and academic conferences. You all may work together some day!