What years did you participate in UROP?

2004 - 2006

What UROP Program(s) were you a part of?

UROP in Residence, which changed to MRC while I was there (now called MRADS)

What made you choose UROP?

My high school didn't really have much college preparation, and I really desired a program where I could develop a sense of community, learn how to explore my curiosities, and have exposure to the world of research. I was most familiar with the idea of research in the natural sciences, but hadn't really done any on my own and definitely did not understand there was research beyond natural science.

What do you think you have learned from your UROP experience?

I learned about the scientific process, how to build relationships with staff & faculty, and I learned how to ask scientific questions, which helped me later on.

What is the extent to which you have kept in contact with your Research Mentor?

We are friends on social media and exchange comments every few years.

How did your UROP experience shape or inform the next steps you took in your academic and professional journey?

After my experience in UIR/MRC, I was so much more confident in approaching faculty, and the overall process of connecting with professionals (faculty & staff) on campus.

Where are you in your professional journey?

University of Michigan, School of Kinesiology, Managing Director of Recruitment & Admissions

What advice would you give to a current UROP student?

EXPLORE! EXPLORE! EXPLORE! There are so many resources within the UROP community that extend beyond your research project. I am still connected to one of my peer advisors as well as the director and admin who served during my time in the program. Life-long connections & wisdom that have helped me throughout my professional journey.

What are some recent publications or accomplishments that you are proud of?

My curiosity has taken me around the world...40 countries & counting! I'd like to think that a lot of that confidence was nurtured in the UIR/MRC program. I eventually went on to conduct research in Japan for my master's thesis, and continue to explore every chance I get.

Is there any other advice you would like to impart to current or future UROP students?

Make the most of your experience. I had a great relationship with my research mentor, but ultimately was not really connected to the research. It honestly did not matter. I gained so much from the program, and would not change a thing!