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Biomedical & Life Sciences Summer Fellows

The Biomedical and Life Sciences Fellowship Program encourages students from diverse populations to consider pursuing graduate work in the Biomedical and Life Sciences fields by engaging them in an intensive 10-week full-time summer research experience. Participating undergraduates not only gain confidence in their ability to experience valuable hands-on research and mentoring, but they also learn to appreciate the advantages of pursuing an advanced degree. Students in the program participate in facilitated lunch box discussions, journal clubs, networking events, and seminars co-sponsored by the University of Michigan Medical School and Rackham Graduate School.

2020 Summer Fellows

Eliyas Asfaw

Class of 2021

Public Health, B.S | Entrepreneurship Minor 

I would like to strenghten my understadning of the scientific method in various fields and the process of answering importnat questions of the time. Moreover, research helps me build critical thinking, various professional and communication skills.

Lauren Austin

Class of 2022

Major: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
Minor: Interdisciplinary Astronomy

I chose to do research because of my passion for biology. However, I also chose to do research for the experience as well as for the opportunity to build community. I was able participate in multiple research programs at UM, including two years in the MRADS learning community as well as a year in the Research Scholars Program. These experiences provided by UROP have given me an array of skills, from writing literature to interacting with professionals in my field. I am thankful I chose to do research because of the incredible opportunities I've been offered, but mainly because it has solidified my love for science.

Melanie Chen

Class of 2022

Neuroscience Major with concentration in Biochemistry

I returned to school after being in the military for a few years working as an intelligence analyst. Because of my past experience, I became disabled and now want to use the skills I picked up in the intelligence world to study pain mechanisms. I figured, if I have this disability, someone else likely has similar issues related to mine. I hope to find a way to better the lives of people who are constantly worried about their disability and normalize their way of life.

Daniel Clevenger

Class of 2022

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Major

I decided to get into research because I wanted to contribute my understanding of biology to help answer questions pertaining to life and its complexities. I also wanted to experience what hands on research is like.

Chloe Darancou

Class of 2023

Double major in Information and Microbiology 

I wanted to get into research to gain valuable technical skills while gaining insight into the navigation of my post-graduate career path. My project this summer allows for me to gain experience being apart of a large team, helping to develop my collaboration abilities. UROP will ultimately allow me to explore subjects that interest me outside of a classroom setting.

Daeho Kim

Class of 2021

Major: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

I initially wanted to do research because I wanted to go beyond learning in a classroom setting. After working as a UROP peer facilitator, where I worked alongside UROP senior staff members, fellow peer facilitators, and my students from seminar, my passion for research sparked again, and I decided that I would like to participate in this summer research program.

Jadan Law

Class of 2023

Major: Biomedical Engineering, Minor: Computer Science

I chose to get into research because I have always had a strong interest in biology, engineering, and biomedical developments.

Jamie Ngai

Class of 2021

Major in Pharmaceutical Science

Before this fellowship, I mainly focused on gaining clinical experience but as I dove deeper into my studies, I wanted to explore research as a different way to apply the material I learn in class to real life. I now have the opportunity to learn tactical skills that not only help me stand out from my peers but explore less orthodox sub-fields of what I'm studying.

Elijah Paparella

Class of 2021

Major in Mechanical Engineering

I love learning and I would love to implement my skills to learn more. Research would be a very valuable experience to improve my critical reasoning skills in an environment which I will be involved in later in my career. It allow me to become familiar with the space and with various techniques employed in that domain.

Jordan Raschi

Class of 2023

Movement Science Major

I got involved in research because I wanted to take part in something new in hopes of gaining valuable skills as well as new perspectives. I hope my research experience will help guide me through my future endeavors!

Kennedy Rogers

Class of 2022

Major in Biomedical Engineering

Why I chose research:

To gain more real-world experience, learn more about my interests, and build valuable connections to help me throughout my career. To gain more real-world experience, learn more about my interests, and build valuable connections to help me throughout my career.

Jagienka Timek

Class of 2022

Double Major in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (MCDB) and Music

In my science classes, I felt like there was something missing from what I was learning. I knew the information I was learning was verified, but I was curious as to how and when people came to know things we now see as fact, because it is never emphasized in class. I became very interested in the process of research, the hard work, and skills that go into the process of generating and publishing new knowledge. I also hope research allows me to explore more career options and broaden my horizons to the possibilities in the scientific field. I am very excited to experience all of it!

Ayush Trivedi

Class of 2023

Major: Biology, Health, and Society; Minor: Music

Giving back is a goal I strive to live by. Through research, I can help to give back to the community through my discoveries and findings. Research gives me the potential to positively impact individuals, promoting a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Preetam Vupputuri

Class of 2023

Biochemistry Major

I got into research because I really wanted to be able to understand the underlying mechanisms behind metabolic disorders and to help to develop therapeutics to treat them. Issues like diabetes and obesity are becoming more prevalent, and by studying the genetics that influence them, I hope that we can work to tackle them.

Erica Williams

Class of 2023

Movement Science Major
Minor in Entrepreneurship on a pre-med track

Since I a child I have always been the one to ask a million questions and I think that curiosity is what drove me to be interested in research. It is exciting to go from being in the unknown to an expert in a topic that could help society. We can never be too knowledgable.