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Miscellaneous Publications

MP 24 Svihla, A., 7/8/1932.
A comparative life history study of the mice of the genus Peromyscus.

MP 25 Murie, A., 7/7/1934.
The moose of Isle Royale

MP 26 Murie, Adolph, 7/15/1935.
Mammals from Guatemala and British Honduras $3

MP 32 Murie, Adolph, 8/7/1936.
Following fox trails

MP 38 Harris, W.P., Jr., 1/1/1937.
Revision of Sciurus variegatoides, a species of Central American squirrel. $4

MP 39 Burt, W.H., 1/1/1939.
Faunal relationships and geographic distribution of mammals in Sonora, Mexico $6

MP 45 Burt, W.H., 1/1/1940.
Territorial behavior and populations of some small mammals in southern Michigan.

MP 46 Blair, W.F., 1/1/1940.
A contribution to the ecology and faunal relationships of the mammals of the Davis Mountain region, southwestern Texas $4

MP 51 Hooper, E.T., 1/1/1941.
Mammals of the lava fields and adjoining areas in Valencia County, New Mexico $4

MP 58 Hershkovitz, P., 1/1/1944.
A systematic review of the Neotropical water rats of the genus Nectomys (Cricetinae) $7

MP 73 Manville, R.H., 1/1/1949.
A study of small mammal populations in northern Michigan. $6

MP 82 Quay, W.B., 1/1/1954.
The Meibomian glands of voles and lemmings (Microtinae) $2

MP 83 Rinker, G.C., 1/1/1954.
The comparative myology of the mammalian genera Sigmodon, Oryzomys, Neotoma, and Peromyscus (Cricetinae), with remarks on their intergeneric relationships. $10

MP 95 Snyder, D.P., 1/1/1956.
Survival rates, longevity, and population fluctuations in the white-footed mouse, Peromyscus leucopus, in southeastern Michigan.

MP 99 Hooper, E.T., 1/1/1957.
Dental patterns in mice of the genus Peromyscus. $5

MP 103 Broadbooks, H.E., 1/1/1958.
Life history and ecology of the chipmunk, Eutamias amoenus, in eastern Washington.

MP 105 Hooper, E.T., 1/1/1958.
The male phallus in mice of the genus Peromyscus. $3

MP 106 Hatt, R.T., 1/1/1959.
The mammals of Iraq.

MP 109 Pruitt, W.O., Jr., 1/1/1959.
Microclimates and local distribution of small mammals on the George Reserve, Michigan.

MP 113 Burt, W.H., 1/1/1960.
Bacula of North American mammals.

MP 117 Burt, W.H. and R.A. Stirton., 1/1/1961.
The mammals of El Salvador.

MP 120 Hooper, E.T. and B.S. Hart., 1/1/1962.
A synopsis of recent North American microtine rodents. $5

MP 124 Klingener, D., 1/1/1964.
The comparative myology of four dipodoid rodents (genera Zapus, Napaeozapus, Sicista, and Jaculus). $7

MP 134 Muul, I., 1/1/1968.
Behavioral and physiological influences on the distribution of the flying squirrel,Glaucomys volans. $5

MP 135 Brown, J.H., 1/1/1968.
Adaptation to environmental temperature in two species of woodrats, Neotoma cinereaand N. albigula. $4

MP 137 Musser, G.G., 1/1/1968.
A systematic study of the Mexican and Guatemalan gray squirrel, Sciurus aureogaster F. Cuvier (Rodentia: Sciuridae). $8

MP 143 Fleming, T.H., 1/1/1971.
Population ecology of three species of neotropical rodents. $6

MP 146 Carleton, M.D., 1/1/1973.
A survey of gross stomach morphology in New World Cricetinae (Rodentia, Muroidea), with comments on functional interpretations. $4

MP 151 Hooper, E.T. and M.D. Carleton, 1/1/1976.
Reproduction, growth and development in two contiguously allopatric rodent species, genus Scotinomys. $4

MP 157 Carleton, M.D., 1/1/1980.
Phylogenetic relationships in neotomine-peromyscine rodents (Muroidea) and a reappraisal of the dichotomy within New World Cricetinae. $10

MP 159 Voss, R.S. and A.V. Linzey, 1/1/1981.
Comparative gross morphology of male accessory glands among Neotropical Muridae (Mammalia: Rodentia) with comments on systematic implications. $4

MP 161 Myers, P. and M.D. Carleton, 1/1/1981.
The species of Oryzomys (Oligoryzomys) in Paraguay and the identity of Azara's. $5

MP 165 Myers, P. and R.M. Wetzel, 1/1/1983.
Systematics and zoogeography of the bats of the Chaco Boreal. $8

MP 170 Heaney, L.R., 1/1/1985.
Systematics of oriental Pygmy squirrels of the genera Exilisciurus and Nannosciurus(Mammalia: Sciuridae) $6

MP 176 Ryan, J.M., 1/1/1989.
Comparative myology and phylogenetic systematics of the Heteromyidae (Mammalia, Rodentia). $9

MP 177 Myers, P., J.L. Patton, and M.F. Smith, 1/1/1990.
A review of the boliviensis group of Akodon (Muridae: Sigmodontinae), with emphasis on Peru and Bolivia. $13

MP 197 Gonçalves, P.R., P. Myers, J.F. Vilela, and J.A. de Oliveira, 1/1/2007.
Systematics of species of the genus Akodon (Rodentia: Sigmodontinae) in southeastern Brazil and implications for the biogeography of the Campos de Altitude. $12

MP 205 Ruedas, L.A., S.M. Marques, J.H. French, R.N. Platt II, J. Salazar-Bravo, J.M. Mora, and C.W. Thompson, 2/9/2017.  A Prolegomenon to the Systematics of South American Cottontail Rabbits (Mammalia, Lagomorpha Leporidae: Sylvilagus) $10.00