The museum is located in the Biological Sciences Building (BSB) at 1105 N. University Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, next door to the museum’s old home in the Ruthven Building. 

The "golden dome" of the museum’s Planetarium & Dome Theater is a landmark on Washtenaw Avenue.


The Palmer Parking Structure is recommended for museum visitors. It is located north of the museum off Washtenaw Avenue on Palmer Drive.

Search on your map app for directions to the 
Palmer Parking Structure, Palmer Drive, Ann Arbor MI 48109

See the local map on this page.

  • From the stoplight on Washtenaw Avenue, turn onto Palmer Drive

  • Enter Visitor Parking through the second entrance on the left

  • Take a spitter ticket

  • We recommend that you park on the Lower Level 

  • Take the SOUTH ELEVATOR to the Plaza Level (P)  

  • Exit the elevator and follow the signs to go outdoors

  • Follow the signs across the plaza to the back door of the museum in the Biological Sciences Building. 

Palmer Visitor Parking rate:  $2.20 per hour. Credit card payments only (no coin or cash).

  • Parking charges apply Monday–Saturday, 7:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m.

  • On Sundays, Visitor Parking is free, but you still need to take a spitter ticket and insert it when you leave for a $0 charge.

  • On Sundays, free parking is also available in unmarked “Blue” faculty/staff spaces. Enter the faculty/staff section through the first entrance on your left after turning onto Palmer Drive from Washtenaw Ave.

Accessible Parking 

Accessible parking is available in the Palmer Visitor Parking area on the Lower Level adjacent to the South Elevator lobby. The doors to the South Elevator lobby are mechanized. Take the elevator to the Plaza Level (P).

Exit via the mechanized doors leading outdoors. The path to the museum is level. There are mechanized doors to enter the museum. There are ramps and an elevator inside the museum, as well as accessible restrooms.

Accessible Drop-off 

See the local map for the Accessible Drop-off at the Washtenaw Avenue doors to the museum. Use the intercom to call for entry.

Alternative Parking Location

The Forest Avenue Parking Structure at 650 S. Forest Avenue on the corner of S. Forest Avenue and Willard Street is also available 0.3 miles south of the museum. S. Forest hourly parking is $1.20 per hour. Visitors should walk north along S. Forest Avenue to Washtenaw Avenue and continue north on Washtenaw Avenue until they reach the museum on their left. The golden dome of the planetarium will be visible.