Camp Explorations: June 17-August 16, 2019

Join us for camp this summer in the museum’s new home! Camp Explorations is a hands-on, interactive, science-focused summer camp program for ages 4-12.  Each session includes daily experiments, hands-on activities, related games, journaling and plenty of fun! There are nine different sessions covering topics such as Archaeology, Paleontology, Astronomy, Forensic Science, Zoology and much more!

Registration now open! Instructions can be found below.

AM & PM Sessions
For ages 6 to 12


  • $190 per a.m. session (except session 3, which is $114)
  • $180 per p.m. session (except session 3, which is $108)
  • $145 for Little Explorers session (except session 2, which is $87)
  • Aftercare is $75 (except session 3, which is $45)


Scholarships are available for Morning and Afternoon sessions for ages 6-12.  To qualify for a scholarship, a student must qualify for free or reduced lunch at their school and provide a letter showing that. The scholarship covers $100 of the session and is limited to 1 session per child.

Limited scholarships available. Scholarships will be given out on a first come, first served basis.

All sessions are Monday-Friday, except Week 3, which is Monday - Wednesday (no camp Thursday, July 4th or Friday, July 5th).

Lunch is supervised for those in an all-day session.

Aftercare is available following all afternoon Camp Explorations sessions, from 4:00-6:00 p.m. for $75 (except session 3, which is $45).

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Sessions are from 8:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.
$190 per a.m. session (except session 3, which is $114)

Solar System Safari (FULL)
June 17 - June 21
Explore the planets and stars in our wonderful solar system, and discover the rest of our incredible universe. Visit the night sky in our new Planetarium & Dome Theater, discover a new planet and launch your own “rockets.” It will be an out-of-this world adventure!

Adventures in Archaeology June 24 - June 28
Uncover clues from the past as you learn the techniques and use the tools of real archaeologists. Examine ancient artifacts, analyze and record data and discover the mysteries of ancient civilizations.

Try It! Science July 1 - July 3
(No camp on Thursday, July 4th or Friday, July 5th)
Try a little bit of all the science topics! Try It! Science topics include chemistry, physics and engineering. Activities are not repeated from other sessions, so campers enrolled in other weeks will have a great time, too!

Detective Academy July 8 - July 12
Can you solve it? Learn some of the skills detectives use every day to solve mysteries. Take a visit to the University’s Police Department to see how they solve crimes. Decode messages, investigate suspects, examine fingerprints and more as you try and crack the case.

Dinosaur Mysteries July 15 - July 19
Solve prehistoric mysteries with paleontology! Use your detective skills to learn about different sizes of dinosaurs, fossils and trackways. Learn what happened to the dinosaurs, how we know and why we can still see their relatives today.

Chemical Chaos July 22 - July 26
Get ready for an explosion of science fun! Explore physical and chemical reactions, learn all about bubbles, play with slime and discover the fizzing science of soda!

Astronauts in Training (FULL) July 29 - August 2
Calling all astronauts! Explore planets, build rovers and launch rockets in an “out of this world” adventure. Test your astronaut skills with our mental and physical challenges. Visit the museum’s new Planetarium & Dome Theater.

PARTYcle Physics August 5 - August 9
Join us for a party all about motion, sound and light! Design and build a roller coaster, explore glow sticks and make oobleck dance!

“Ology” Camp (FULL) August 12 - August 16
Did you ever want to dig deeper into the world of “ologies”? This is the camp for you! Come explore the worlds of geology (rocks and minerals), paleontology (ancient life), mammalogy (mammals), entomology (insects) and more. Each day we will tackle a new “ology” with real specimens, exploring exhibits and the University of Michigan campus.

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Sessions are from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
$180 per p.m. session (except session 3, which is $108)

Fantastic Fossils
 (FULL) June 17 - June 21
Travel back in time to discover the ancient world of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. How were their fossils formed and what do they tell us? Visit the museum’s new Evolution: Life Through Time exhibit and dig for fossils.

Outdoor Explorers June 24 - June 28
Get outside and explore the spaces around you! Learn how to build shelters, tie knots, purify water and track animals. Make your own compass and then practice using it as you explore the university campus.

Digging Up the Past July 1 - July 3
(No camp on Thursday, July 4th or Friday, July 5th)
Unearth different eras from the past from dinosaurs to lost civilizations, from fossils to Ancient Egypt, and more!

Inventor’s Workshop July 8 - July 12
Do you like to create, design, experiment and build? This camp is for you! Solve engineering challenges with hands-on projects and bring your creations to life in this innovative camp. Build the tallest tower and a car that can travel the farthest.

Animal Superheroes July 15 - July 19
Uncover the secrets behind these master “heros.” Learn about the masters of disguise, their speed and agility and other super skills that make them real-life superheroes. Discover their amazing adaptations like super-sight, super-strength and super-intelligence.

Nature’s Toolbox July 22 - July 26
Discover the world around you! We’ll explore local nature areas and learn about some of the plants and animals you see every day, and some you don’t.

Animal Antics July 29 - August 2
Explore the wild world of animals! Learn about some of the furry, feathery, and scaly creatures right here in your own backyard and some farther away. Join us for a howling good time!

Junior Archaeologist (FULL) August 5 - August 9
Dig into the history of Michigan and other ancient civilizations and create your own pottery and rock art. Discover the field of archaeology by participating in a mock dig and learn how archaeologists help piece together history.

Best of Camp Explorations (FULL) August 12 - August 16
This week celebrates the best activities from Camp Explorations. We bring back many of the favorites from previous weeks and years. Campers will visit the dinosaurs, launch rockets, visit the Planetarium and explore the Arb.

Little Explorers Camp

A camp for the museum’s littlest explorers, ages 4-5
8:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m. (a.m. sessions only)
$145 per session (except session 2, $87)
20 camper limit

Little Explorers Sessions

Space Explorers* June 24 - June 28
Blast off into space as we explore the night sky and planets. Become an astronaut as you complete training and learn about life in space.

Science Explorers July 1 - July 3
(No camp on Thursday, July 4th or Friday, July 5th)
Do you want to be a paleontologist?...A biologist?... An astronaut? This fun-filled, three-day camp is for you! Each day we will explore new science topics.

Bug Explorers July 8 - July 12
Learn all about bugs and insects. Discover the world where they live as you crawl, fly and wiggle through this camp.

Dinosaur Explorers* (FULL) July 15 - July 19
Calling all dinosaur lovers! Learn how to spot a dinosaur, dig for dinosaur bones and be a paleontologist.

Nature Explorers July 22 - July 26
Explore the world around with you by looking at leaves, trees, rocks and animals found in nature around the museum and in your own backyard! We will use binoculars and magnifying glasses to help us look more closely.

Space Explorers* July 29 - August 2
Blast off into space as we explore the night sky and planets. Become an astronaut as you complete training and learn about life in space.

Animal Explorers August 5 - August 9
Animals are amazing! Discover the wonderful world of animals’ movement and music activities, exciting outdoor and indoor play, and animal art projects.

Dinosaur Explorers* (FULL)  August 12 - August 16
Calling all dinosaur lovers! Learn how to spot a dinosaur, dig for dinosaur bones and be a paleontologist.

*Both Space Explorers and Dinosaur Explorers sessions have the same activities each week. Please only select one week when registering for a session.

How to Register

Download and fill out the registration form. Please complete either page 2 for sessions ages 6-12 or page 3 for sessions ages 4-5. One set of forms is required for each child. All forms and payment must be completed in order to process your registration.

Sign the forms using either of these methods:

You can either email, mail or fax the completed registration forms. 


Mailing Address:
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1105 N. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1085

Fax: 734.647.2767

Questions? Please contact the camp office at or call 734-647-6421.

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