What do Children Think about the Desires of Dogs?

Age: 3-12
Grades: PreK-7
Duration: 10 minutes

We know that children’s understanding of dogs changes as they get older, but we don’t really know how or when. For example, when and what do they think about the “inner lives” of dogs? Or about their feelings and desires?

In this 10-minute study, children watch and respond to a short video clip about a dog whose owner leaves him alone in a room and doesn’t come back for 30 seconds. The best part? There are no right or wrong answers! Read about this project and other infant cognition studies here.

This research lab is directed by Dr. Henry Wellman from the University of Michigan Psychology Department. Email youngchild.lab@umich.edu with questions or for more information.





Learning About Language

Children can take part in a fun study about language and thought with the U-M's Conceptual Development Lab. For more than 20 years, we have been conducting research on children’s language and thought. Our projects explore cognitive development, category formation and use, causal reasoning, and relationships between language and thought. Most of our studies focus on children between the ages of 4 and 10. Learn more here.  This lab is directed by Dr. Susan Gelman and is located in the  University of Michigan Psychology Department.