Sharing is Caring

Audience: Children, Family
Ages: 8-10
Duration: ~30 minutes

We’ve all heard that “sharing is caring,” but how do children learn to share? The Social Minds Lab, part of the U-M The Weinberg Institute for Cognitive Science, is trying to find out. Researchers in the Social Minds Lab study how children acquire a sense of fairness and how they are influenced by the adult norms of their social group. Dr. Young-eun Lee is looking for volunteers between ages 8 and 10 to play an online game that will help cognitive scientists understand how children think about sharing and respond to unfairness. To participate, fill out this form. To learn more or learn about other studies the team is doing, visit their For Parents page. 



Learning About Language

Children can take part in a fun study about language and thought with the U-M's Conceptual Development Lab. For more than 20 years, we have been conducting research on children’s language and thought. Our projects explore cognitive development, category formation and use, causal reasoning, and relationships between language and thought. Most of our studies focus on children between the ages of 4 and 10. Learn more here.  This lab is directed by Dr. Susan Gelman and is located in the  University of Michigan Psychology Department.