Community + Citizen Science Project Incubator and Fellows Program

Community and citizen science projects can help scientists conduct extensive, quality research while engaging with members of their community. The program will explore questions about project design, ethics, learning goals, and data management, and provide staff to support project creation. Participants will create project prototypes for their own research and community engagement, and develop the skills needed for successful projects. The program is led by Dr. Justin Schell, Director of the Shapiro Design Lab, past Managing Editor of Citizen Science Today, and Co-Chair of the Citizen Science Association’s Data + Metadata Working Group.

The program features three workshops, one public engagement event, and the completion of a project prototype.

After completing the program, participants will become University of Michigan Museum of Natural History Community Science Fellows.



To Apply: The Museum of Natural History is not currently accepting applications for the Citizen Science Fellows Program.

Questions? Please email:

Justin Schell 

Kira Berman