UM Museum of Natural History shines in new home

After 90 years in Albert Kahn's Ruthven Building, the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History has relocated to the elegant, new $261 million Biological Sciences Building right next door.

All the fossils and mastodons will be there, waiting to greet you Sunday on Opening Day.

"People who loved the old museum won't be disappointed," promised director Amy Harris.

Casts of prehistoric whales and a flying reptile hang in airy atriums. Hallways glow with illuminated displays. A groovy new Planetarium & Dome Theatre invites you to sit back and marvel, while here and there witty artwork -- including two curious mastodons peering through a "hole" in the ceiling -- keep spirits from flagging. 

Lording over it all is the museum's most-impressive new acquisition, the 20-foot-long Majungasaurus from Madagascar, who terrorized lesser beasts some 66 million years ago -- a purchase partly financed through the museum's "Buy a Bone" campaign.

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Release Date: 04/12/2019
Tags: Museum of Natural History