Help Us Move the Mastodons!

Move our iconic mastodon couple to their prominent space at the new Museum.

The Museum’s iconic mastodons have greeted more than a million visitors since they “became a couple” in 2005. By herself, the Owosso mastodon has welcomed more than four million visitors since she was installed in 1947.  The addition of the male Buesching Mastodon made this the only display of a mastodon couple in the world.

In just a few months, these Museum favorites will start their journey to the new Museum in the Biological Sciences Building next door.  This is not an easy process. It will require a team of specialists, a lot of patience, and considerable knowledge to disassemble, clean, move, and reconstruct the mastodons in their new home.

We are turning to the community to help us raise the necessary funds to move our iconic mastodon couple to their prominent space as the new Museum’s official greeters in a spectacular, five-story atrium.

Please help us give these old bones a new home!

Your gift will help cover the expenses to move the mastodons to their new home where they will spark visitor imagination, facilitate learning, and showcase groundbreaking U-M research.

All donors will be invited to see the mastodons in their new home before the Museum opens to the public!

Help us move the mastodons by making a donation today.  Whatever amount you give will have a big impact!

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