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Help Move the Mastodons

The U-M Museum of Natural History will soon be moving into the new Biological Sciences Building next door. We are preparing to move the iconic mastodon couple from their current home on the second floor of the Ruthven Museums Building to a prominent location as the new Museum’s official greeters in a spectacular, five-story atrium.

We are excited to open the doors of the new Museum and to have visitors see these long-time favorite specimens in a brand new, state-of-the-art display.  

We are turning to the community to help us move our iconic mastodon couple to their new location in the new Museum’s entrance. 

Your gift will help cover the expenses for dismantling, cleaning, moving, and reconstructing the mastodons in their new home where they will greet visitors for generations to come. This complex task will require a team of specialists, a lot of patience, and considerable knowledge.

  • $1,000 will help us hire experts to take apart and reassemble the skeletons
  • $500 will contribute to the cost of hiring movers
  • $100 will support students to assist with the process
  • $50 will contribute to the purchase of packing materials  

Please help us give these old bones a new home!

All donors will be invited to see the mastodons in their new home before the Museum opens to the public.

Whatever amount you give will have a big impact!