Sixty-six million years ago, giant carnivorous dinosaurs ruled the landscape. There was no bigger killer than the Majungasaurus in Madagascar, and with your help, this top predator — and known cannibal — will soon be on display at the new U-M Museum of Natural History. 

With your support, the new U-M Museum of Natural History will bring this exciting exhibit to life and continue the museum’s tradition of having the largest display of prehistoric life in the state of Michigan.

Why Majungasaurus?

Majungasaurus is a predatory dinosaur that lived in Madagascar just before the mass extinction that wiped out all dinosaurs except birds worldwide. Majungasaurus was 20 feet long and weighed about a ton. Its relatively short arms stretched just over a foot long — even shorter than a T. rex. It might seem strange for a predator to have short arms, but Majungasaurus and other predators in southern areas like India, Africa, and South America shared the unusual feature.

Majungasaurus and its relatives had other distinguishing features, such as horns or bone ridges on their heads, which made them unique and recognizable. The breakup of continental landmasses during the dinosaur era might have led to their unique and notable evolution.

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