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The Living Lab

A view of the Living Lab at the UM Museum of Natural History

The Living Lab at the Museum of Natural History

What is the UM Living Lab program? The Living Lab program at UM brings researchers from the University of Michigan into public spaces, such as the Museum, where interested families can participate in short, enjoyable studies.  Many of the studies explore questions about the development of behavior and cognition in children.  Some studies also ask for parents to participate.  A key aspect of the Living Lab model is the communication between researchers and the public.  The UM Living Lab gives adults and children the chance to see social/behavioral science in action and to ask questions to the researchers who are part of that science.  Thus, the UM Living Lab serves as a way for people to learn more about the science of child development while taking part in that science!

Photo and text taken from the Living Lab website.  
For more information visit them at their website.  
For the Living Lab schedule please visit them at their calendar