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Special Programs for Seniors

For reservation or more information please call (734) 764-0480 from 9 to 5 weekdays, or email us. Please reserve at least two weeks in advance.

Prehistoric Life Guided Tour
• capacity 20-60 •
$6 per person for 1 hour tour
by Museum docent (typically a U-M undergraduate student)

Take a guided tour of the Hall of Evolution—home of our prehistoric life collection–—where we focus on different kinds of fossils and how they form. Use hands-on inquiry to solve scientific problems, just like research scientists at U-M! Learn about fossilization, paleontology, and geologic time. Explore the world of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals by observing their many adaptations and what they tell us about their lifestyles. Special focus on research by U-M scientists in the Ruthven Museums Building.

The Sky Tonight Planetarium Show
• capacity 36 •
$4 per person for 45 minute show by Museum docent

We begin by exploring the night sky from an Earth-based perspective.  We’ll discover bright stars, major constellations, and visible planets, along with motions of the sky and current events. A brief trip into space helps us to understand our place in the Milky Way galaxy.