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Funds Dedicated to the Support of Undergraduate Students in Anthropological Archaeology

James B. Griffin Undergraduate Research Fund

Established in honor of former Museum Director James B. Griffin, this fund aids U-M undergraduates engaging in anthropological archaeology fieldwork. Fund 72923, Short Code 308103

Richard I. Ford Undergraduate Research Fund

This fund was established in 2002 to provide educational opportunities to support Native American undergraduate students conducting archaeological research; if no candidates meet these criteria, the funds may be used to support other undergraduate students conducting archaeological research on native North America. Fund 72747, Short Code 367240

Christy Cogan Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship honors the memory of Christy Cogan, a UM undergraduate student who died in an auto accident in 1961 while returning from UMMA excavations at the Juntunen site in northern Michigan. The scholarship supports undergraduate students’ archaeological field research or participation in an archaeological project in North America, north of Mexico. Fund 70305, Short Code 706750

Hays Family Endowment for Undergraduate Research

Honoring Donald R. Hays, a prominent avocational archaeologist in Michigan and friend of James B. Griffin, this award recognizes the Hays family’s interest in student participation in archaeological research and commitment to education, museums, and anthropology, by supporting UM undergraduate students pursuing research or field school experience in archaeology through the Museum of Anthropological Archaeology. Fund 72327, Short Code 570390

Carl E. Guthe Endowment

The Carl E. Guthe Endowment honors Carl E. Guthe, the first director of the Museum of Anthropological Archaeology and first chair of the University’s Department of Anthropology. This fund supports undergraduate anthropological archaeology research, including fieldwork, laboratory analyses, and meeting attendance. Fund 72928, Short Code 570765


Funds Dedicated to the Support of Both Undergraduate and Graduate Students in Anthropological Archaeology

Richard I Ford Endowment Fund (for the Study of Humans and the Environment)

Created in honor of curator emeritus Richard I. Ford, this fund provides resources for undergraduate or graduate students conducting anthropological research on diverse questions concerning humans and the environment; supports fieldwork, analyses and conference presentations. Fund 72747, 308839

Homeopathic Hospital Guild Scholarship

Dr. Wilbert B. Hinsdale was director of the University of Michigan Homeopathic Hospital from 1895 to 1922. Upon his retirement, his staff created a student scholarship to recognize his interests in the Indian people of Michigan. Dr. Hinsdale was appointed as the first Custodian of the Great Lakes Division in the newly created Museum of Anthropological Archaeology in the same year. This fund is dedicated to the support of ethnological, ethnobotanical, sociological, and archaeological research about the Indians of Michigan. Fund 70702, Short Code 714200

Funds Dedicated to the Support of Graduate Students in Anthropological Archaeology

Wes and Shelley Cowan Graduate Fund for Scientific Analysis

Established by C. Wesley Cowan, this Fund provides support for graduate education to provide resources to doctoral students for the scientific analysis of archaeological materials administered by the Museum of Anthropology. Students in Anthropological Archaeology are eligible to apply for funds for radiocarbon dates - and other appropriate absolute dating methods - as well as other forms of scientific analysis on materials associated with their dissertation research.   Fund 74017, Short Code 571961

Museum of Anthropological Archaeology Graduate Student Support Endowment Fund

Beginning in Fall 2007, UM President Mary Sue Coleman initiated a gift challenge program to enhance support for graduate students, pledging a 1:2 match for every dollar given to support graduate student research. Resources from this fund will be used to support graduate student research in anthropological archaeology. Fund 77125, Short Code 790235

James B. Griffin Scholarship Fund

Established in 1975 to honor Dr. Griffin on the occasion of his retirement as Director of the Museum of Anthropological Archaeology, resources from this fund support dissertation research of anthropological archaeology graduates student at any stage until the completion of the degree. Fund 75378, Short Code 793050

James Bennett Griffin Fellowship

Established by Dr. Griffin and his family to support a graduate student conducting archaeological research in the Eastern United States. The fellowship can cover tuition, room and board, field research expenses, and additional research necessities including equipment, radiocarbon dates, and other analytical needs. Short Code 712379

Linda Britton and John R. Halsey Great Lakes Research Fund

The Halsey family has a long personal and professional interest in the archaeology of the Great Lakes area. Linda Britton Halsey graduated from Michigan and served as editor of the Museum of Anthropological Archaeology publications. Dr. John Halsey received two degrees in Anthropology from Michigan and served as the State Archaeologist for Michigan. This fund supports doctoral candidates conducting archaeological research in the Great Lakes (United States or Canada). Fund 77219, Short Code 790328

Funds that Support Other Museum Activities

Jeffrey R. Parsons Lecture Fund

This fund was created in honor of the retirement of Latin American Curator Jeffrey R. Parsons to support expenses related to the Museum of Anthropological Archaeology’s weekly lecture series, visiting speakers, symposia, student-sponsored lecturers, and co-sponsored lectures with other units.  Fund 76767, Short Code 575331