At the University of Michigan, archaeologists are working with the U-M Press on innovative ways to publish their data on digital platforms. 

Jon McGlone, front-end developer at the Press, describes their newest program, Fulcrum. “Built on research library infrastructure, Fulcrum offers a perfect platform for disciplines like archaeology, where there is rich data that needs to be preserved for the long-term.”

Michael Galaty, director of the U-M Museum of Anthropological Archaeology, oversees the UMMAA publication series, which was established in 1932 and has published hundreds of archaeological and ethnographic books. Visibility and accessibility are crucial for the series, Galaty points out.

“If we don’t pop up at the top of the list when someone searches on ‘archaeology’, then we are losing the battle,” Galaty says. For the publication series, working with the Press and the Library’s Digital Conversion Unit to move from print into a digital format was essential.

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