Congratulations to Michael L. Galaty and Lorenc Bejko, co-editors of Archaeological Investigations in a Northern Albanian Province: Results of the Projekti Arkeologjik i Shkodrës (PASH), published this month by the UMMAA Press.

This hardcover, two-volume set is the result of a five-year excavation and survey project in northern Albania and a multi-year collaboration with the University of Tirana. It is already making waves for reporting on an area of the world where little systematic archaeology has been done, and for including accessible links to the project’s raw data. Read an interview with Mike Galaty on the PASH data.  

Volume 1 contains reports on the regional survey and test excavations at three settlements and three tumuli. In Volume 2, the authors describe the artifacts, including chipped stone and pottery from the prehistoric to the post-medieval periods, as well as results of faunal, petrographic, chemical, carpological, and strontium isotope analyses.

These two volumes place northern Albania—and the Shkodër Province in particular—at the forefront of archaeological research in the Balkans.

David Ray Hernandez, the Eli J. and Helen Shaheen Associate Professor of Classics at Notre Dame University, calls PASH “…a masterpiece of archaeological research and methodology…”

PASH is published as a print book and an e-book. Each book is linked to additional resources on the U-M Press Fulcrum system and to raw data stored open access in U-M’s Deep Blue Data repository. See the links below.

Until March 2024, the e-book is available free to read (but not download) to anyone, anywhere.

Click here to read more about the book or to purchase. Visit the UMMAA website to learn more about the Museum.


Volume One: Survey and Excavation Results

Volume Two: Artifacts and Artifact Analysis


Deep Blue Data repository