The American Research Institute in Turkey and the American Institute for Southeast European Studies are pleased to present a lecture by Dr. Amanda Phillips, Fulbright Fellow, University of Virginia, Koç University, entitled "The Studenica Silk (ca. 1400): Object and Interpretation," on Wednesday, March 29, at noon EST (7 p.m. Istanbul time).

Among the treasures in the monastery of Studenica in Serbia is a large silk hanging, woven for the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I (r. 1389-1402). It is the earliest known Ottoman textile, and is among the earliest works of Ottoman art of any sort. Although it is very well preserved, its initial production remains mysterious, as do its trajectories in the fifteenth century and later. This talk combines an overview of the silk's historical context with a discussion of technology and material, and makes a brief foray into its later life in Studenica and elsewhere.

The photo shows a detail of the Studenica Silk (ca. 1400) with an inscription naming the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I. 

You will need to pre-register in order to attend this online event.