At the 2021 virtual SAA "book room," Raven Garvey, associate professor of anthropology and curator of circumpolar archaeology at the Museum, released a video on her forthcoming book, Patagonian Prehistory: Human Ecology and Cultural Evolution in the Land of Giants (University of Utah Press, expected June 2021).

Generally portrayed as a windswept wasteland of marginal use for human habitation, Patagonia is an unmatched testing ground for some of the world’s most important questions about human ecology and cultural change. In this volume, archaeologist Raven Garvey presents a critical synthesis of Patagonian prehistory, bringing an evolutionary perspective and unconventional evidence to bear on enduringly contentious issues in New World archaeology, including initial human colonization of the Americas, widespread depopulation between 8,000 and 4,000 years ago, and the transition from foraging to farming. 

Read more (and pre-order the book!) here. Congratulations, Dr. Garvey!