UMMAA doctoral student Lauren Pratt has been awarded the Fulbright-Hayes Fellowship for her project on prehistoric human-environment interactions in Chachapoyas, Peru.

Lauren’s project will employ subsurface testing, archaeological excavation, and laboratory analysis to evaluate how human-environment interactions in Chachapoyas, Peru—a region of the Eastern Andes—influenced important preceramic cultural developments, including the initial peopling of South America, responses to Middle Holocene climate change, and the dispersal of domesticated plants out of the Amazon rainforest. It applies niche construction theory to analyses of stone tools, botanical remains, and other cultural materials to understand how the behaviors of hunter-gatherers in this little-studied region, at the intersection of the Amazon rainforest and Andean highlands, helped to create the conditions necessary for the rise of an agricultural complex which would feed empires.

Congratulations, Lauren!

Caption: Prehistoric agricultural terracing on a hillside, Leymebamba, Peru. 2018