In 2016, the move had just begun. Here Corrigan movers push one of many carts loaded with UMMAA artifacts onto a truck bound for the Research Museums Center. Photo by Lauren Fuka.

Congratulations to the movers! The University of Michigan Museum of Anthropological Archaeology, Museum of Zoology, and Museum of Paleontology (all neighbors in the nearly 100-year-old Ruthven building) have completed the relocation of 20 million objects, artifacts, and specimens into a brand new, humidity-controlled storage and research space called the Research Museums Center. The Museum of Natural History also moved: the new public exhibit space will open in the Biological Sciences Building in 2019.

Now you can watch highlights from the move—which took two years—in two minutes and 24 seconds. Mike Wood, multimedia producer at Michigan News, produced this excellent video of the move. Cameos by UMMAA curators John O’Shea and Carla Sinopoli.

You can also read the first of UMMAA’s two-year series of news posts on the move here. (For more posts from the series, search UMMAA news for “move.”)