After many months of collaboration between the UMMAA and the University of Michigan Press, the Museum’s independent publishing unit is pleased to announce that the entire collection of UMMAA published books is back in print. About half of the Museum’s 200 titles had gone out of print, including dozens of classics on archaeological sites in North America, such as Jane Holden Kelley’s study of southeastern New Mexico, James B. Griffin’s The Fort Ancient Aspect, The Spiro Ceremonial Center, by James A. Brown, and many early works on the archaeology of Michigan and Paleoindian sites across the Midwest. All the books are now available in print and as ebooks.

Another aspect of the collaboration is the presence of UMMAA titles on the UMP’s Fulcrum site, which has capacity to make archaeological data available to readers.  Read more on the project here.

Browse all the Museum’s books here.