The Museum is celebrating the University of Michigan's bicentennial with a special sale. Buy either bundle of books below for $50.

Archaeology of the Great Lakes (three volumes)

Caribou Hunting in the Upper Great Lakes, edited by Elizabeth Sonnenburg, Ashley K. Lemke, and John M. O’Shea        

Crowfield (Af Hj-31): A Unique Paleoindian Fluted Point Site from Southwestern Ontario, by D. Brian Deller and Christopher J. Ellis

Ships and Shipwrecks of the Au Sable Shores Region of Western Lake Huron, by John M. O’Shea

A $118 value for $50!




Latin American excavations (two volumes)

Coastal Ecosystems and Economic Strategies at Cerro Azul, Peru: The Study of a Late Intermediate Kingdom, edited by Joyce Marcus

Excavations at San José Mogote 2: The Cognitive Archaeology, by Kent V. Flannery and Joyce Marcus

A $90 value for $50!



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Sale ends January 1, 2018.