Barbed spear. Wood and palm leaf. Collected 1944–1946. Solomon Islands. Ethnology, Leonard Collection. UMMAA 26668.

Dr. Justin W. Leonard collected these barbed spears in the southern Solomon Islands in the mid-1940s. Leonard, an entomologist and ecologist, earned his PhD at the University of Michigan in 1937. During World War II he served in the military as a medical entomologist, researching malaria. It was during this service that he toured the southern Solomon Islands and made a small, well-documented collection of material culture. The short length of the spears shown here suggest they were fore-shafts and would have been attached to a longer wooden shaft for use in hunting. A woven palm leaf tube is found on the midsection of each spear shaft, and two rows of wooden barbs are attached below the sharpened wooden point.

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