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Museum Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Museum of Anthropological Archaeology consists of 8 voting members,  5 ex officio and three elected. Membership 2021-2022:

Interim Director of the Museum of Anthropological Archaeology: Rob Beck

Chair of the Department of Anthropology: Kelly Askew

Director of the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology: Nicola Terrenato

Associate Chair of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology responsible for the zoology and  herbarium collections: Hernán Lopez-Fernandez

Associate Vice President of Research with responsibility for NAGPRA: Geoffrey Thün

Two elected governing Curators from the Museum of Anthropological Archaeology: (2022-2024), Alicia Ventresca Miller (2021-2023, Bryan Miller for FA 2022), Tiffany Fryer (2022-2024)

One elected archaeology graduate student:  Ian Beggen (2022-2023)


Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is composed of alumni and friends of the Museum, and is chaired by the Director. Its purpose is to provide the Museum Director with strategic advice regarding the future direction of the Museum, as well as ensuring that the activities of the Museum reflect the needs of stakeholders. Terms of service are five-years by invitation of the Director. Membership:

Jane Baxter (2018-2023)

Rob Beck, Interim Director

David & Barbara Brose (2018-2023)

Chuck Cleland (2018-2023)

Wes Cowan (2018-2023)

Michael L. Galaty, Director

Chapurukha Kusimba (2021-2026)

Colleen Medicine (2021-2026)

William Parkinson (2018-2023)

Peter & Marjorie Pratt (2018-2023)

T Douglas Price (2018-2023)

Margaret Schoeninger (2018-2023)

Patricia Wattenmaker (2018-2023)

Melinda Zeder (2018-2023)

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is composed of four governing curators assigned by the Director.  Members serve a two-year term. They are charged with overseeing the operation of the UMMAA Press. The Press Editor and Illustrator sit on the committee as ex officio, non-voting members.

Rob Beck

Elizabeth Noll

Kent Flannery

Joyce Marcus

John O'Shea

Henry Wright

Committee for Outreach and Recruitment

The Committee for Outreach and Recruitment (COR) is composed of two governing curators, two staff members, and two graduate students, appointed by the Director. Members serve a one-year term. They are charged with overseeing the Museum’s public engagement and education efforts.

NAGPRA Advisory Committee

The NAGPRA Advisory Committee is composed of the curators (Great Lakes and North America) who manage North American collections, the Museum Director, and the NAGPRA Collections Manager. They are permanently assigned to this committee. They are charged with responding to requests for information from the UMOR NAGPRA office. Committee members:

Rob Beck, Interim Director

Michael L. Galaty, Director (on sabbatical July 2022 - July 2023)

Raven Garvey

John O'Shea

J. Amadeaus Scott


Undergraduate Awards Committee

The Undergraduate Awards Committee is composed of three curators, assigned by the Director, and the Museum Director. They serve a two-year term. They are charged with vetting applications for UMMAA funding submitted by undergraduate students. This typically takes place at the end of each academic year.

Rob Beck

Joyce Marcus

John O'Shea

Lisa C. Young