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Natural History and Evolution - EEB 392

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the evolutionary processes underlying the amazing biological diversity we see today. This course will focus on the natural history of organisms, including the flora and fauna of northern Michigan, through an evolutionary lens.

You will learn about evolution in the field, across a range of timescales and levels of biological organization, and in the process you will explore such diverse topics as animal behavior, population genetics, and molecular evolution. And you will visit some incredibly beautiful places. A central goal of this course is that you will leave UMBS with a deep appreciation for, if not a completely different view of, the complex ecological and evolutionary mechanisms underlying life on earth.

5 credits

Prerequisites: AP Biology, two college-level courses in biology, Biology 171 and one other natural science course, or permission of instructor.

Meets: Wednesdays and Saturdays

Jordan Price

Equivalent to 390.

Fulfills the Evolution class requirement for Biology, EEB, General Biology, and Plant Biology majors.

Photo by Joshua Svinarich