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UMich Course Extensions - Transforming Learning Program

Thanks to a grant from the U-M Third Century Initiative, the Biological Station is hosting 2-4 week extensions of select classes from the U-M Ann Arbor campus. 

Extensions in this Transforming Learning Program typically follow a winter semester class or preceed a fall semester class. There is nothing unusual about the Ann Arbor classes. Rather, it is the extension at the Biological Station that gives you extra time to do research, field trips, and group or individual project work related to the class.

Some stand-alone courses extist in the Transforming Learning program, too. These are special field-based versions of traditional Ann Arbor  lab classes (e.g. CHEM 125/126).

Why do this?

Expand your understanding through field trips, interviews and real-world assignments that build on course concepts.

Learn how to approach the kinds of complicated issues that mark our changing world.

No additional tuition -- you already enrolled for the class in the fall or winter.

FREE room and board at the Biological Station: thanks to generous donors, your food and housing is covered.



2017 Transforming Learning Courses