Alumni of the CLEAR (Community and Lakes Environmental Awareness and Research) Project have made an expendable gift to the Biological Station. It is to be used to fund UMBS students -- graduate or undergraduate -- who are engaging local communities with their aquatic research. 

The original CLEAR Project ran from 1977-1981. Its genesis was with students Seth Ammerman, Doug Farr, Art Gold, Marion (Secrest) Gold, Linda Greer, Stanley Pollack, Mike Tilchin, Kathleen (Foster) Wendel and Jonathan Wendel. They created CLEAR to enhance water quality in Northern Michigan not only by measuring and monitoring, but by sharing results with property owners and others with a vested interest in water quality. Their efforts evolved into the present-day non-profit organization, Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council.

The CLEAR alumni want to support new research in the spirit of their original project. Up to two recipients of this year's award will receive free room and board along with research expenses while conducting aquatic ecosystems research. The students will be expected to take a summer session class at the Biological Station concurrent with their research, and their project must include a community engagement component. The Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council has agreed to contribute its Northern Michigan connections and expertise to help students with outreach.

Although the CLEAR funding does not cover class tuition, the Biological Station has scholarship funds for which interested students may apply (deadline: March 16, 2015).

Interested students should contact Karie Slavik (734-763-4461) to learn more about the Fellowship requirements.