Inform LSA Travel of Student Travelers

When an LSA department becomes aware of planned University-Related international travel involving students (graduate or undergraduate) by any member of their unit, the LSATravel office must be notified. Units or departments may become aware of student travel in a number of different ways including:

  1. Providing funding (grants / scholarships) for international travel
  2. Offering in-residence credit to students for their time abroad
  3. Working with students on research projects like dissertations
  4. Other Ways

This requirement is in place so that it can be verified by a centralized office that all LSA students have completed the pre-departure LSA health & safety requirements prior to their departure from the United States and/or receiving their funding.

Please note: If a student confirms their completion of the requirements to you independently of the LSATravel office, department admins must still notify LSATravel of the students intending to travel abroad. This is both for verification and reporting purposes.

Student Registration Process

1. Notify the LSATravel office

Travel can be reported to LSATravel via the links below:

Individual Student Travel

(e.g. funded research, internship, study abroad program, conference travel, etc.)


Group Travel = Complete this form to get started:

(e.g. when 1 or more students will travel together to the same location accompanied by a UM faculty / staff member)


2. Wait

Once the information is received, the LSATravel team will follow up with the submitted students, inform them of the requirements of the LSA Travel Policy and ensure that they are completed prior to their departure. Please also feel free to refer students to the "Register Travel" page in the meantime to help get this process started.


3. Check for Verification

Once students have completed all of the requirements, their names will be added to the LSA Travel Verification Sheet* on Google Drive. 

This information is updated approximately 3x/week during the peak busy season (Feb - July). 

*Please note, in order to protect student data, this sheet is only available to travel admins. To request access, please email




Travelers may not depart nor funding distributed until LSA Travel has confirmed that these requirements have been met.