Number of Muskegon Community College credits that transfer toward the Psychology major: 15

 Take one Introductory Psychology Course

  • PSYC 201: General Psychology transfers as PSYCH 111: Introduction to Psychology for 4 credits

  Take one Statistics Course

  • MATH 115: Probability and Statistics transfers as STATS 250: Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis for 4 credits

  Take one Developmental/Psychopathology Breadth Group Course. Complete one of the courses listed below.

  • PSYC 207: Life Span Development transfers as PSYCH 250: Introduction to Developmental Psychology for 4 credits
  • PSYC 203: Abnormal Psychology transfers as PSYCH 270: Introduction to Psychopathology for 4 credits

 Take one Social/Personality/Gender Breadth Group Course. Complete one of the courses listed below.

  • PSYC 210: Social Psychology transfers as PSYCH 280: Introduction to Social Psychology for 3 credits

Number of credits that you will have to complete after transfer: 25 

  • One class from the Biopsychology/Cognitive Breadth Group (4 credits)
  • 2 lab classes (6 credits)
  • Upper level elective credit (15 credits)

Completing General Degree Requirements as a Psychology Major

  • Quantitative Reasoning: MATH 115 transfers as STATS 250 and fulfills the QR requirement.  You will not have to take an additional QR course outside of the requirements for the major.
  • Courses that transfer with the U-M subject PSYCH cannot be used for Area Distribution for psychology majors. Therefore Muskegon's PSYCH 201, 203, 207, 208, 209, 210 can't be used to fulfill social science distribution as they are listed on the General Degree Requirement Transfer Guide.


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