Welcome to our newly established Interdisciplinary Program in Transcultural Studies!

This innovative graduate program offers ambitious and accomplished undergraduate students at the University of Michigan the opportunity to earn an MA degree with one year of study beyond their BA. Admitted students will take graduate-level courses from a rich variety of disciplines. They will develop critical competence in the broadly humanistic study of connections, comparisons, and translations across perceived cultural divides. This is a program that will further prepare participants for the changing world in the 21st century.

As you will see from our program description and related
material, students in TSC will work closely with faculty in selecting courses beyond the core requirements and in finishing their capstone project. With support from affiliated faculty, students will have considerable freedom to pursue their academic interests and develop an intellectual profile of their own.

Applications will be due in April, 2018, and admissions decisions will be made by the following month. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have about the program or the application process. ​

I very much look forward to welcoming you aboard, and I believe you will find the TSC program a unique and rewarding educational experience. It promises to extend your intellectual as well as experiential horizons.


Xiaobing Max Tang

Director, Transcultural Studies

Helmut F. Stern Professor of Modern Chinese Studies and
Professor of Comparative Literature