The Transcultural Studies program is happy to announce its second graduating cohort. Five students completed their MA in Transcultural Studies in Winter 2021.

Congratulations to Samantha Dunlap, Alyson Grigsby, Casper Kazor, Nathan Wojcik, and Elizabeth Wood!

Student Spotlights

Samantha Dunlap

Capstone Project
Light Rising: Susan Cooper, Diana Wynne Jones, and the Oxford School of Fantasy

After graduating with a degree in International Studies and Spanish, and a minor in Translation, Samantha completed a Master's thesis on the relationship between fantasy literature and British nationalism in the 20th century. Her immediate plans after graduation are to publish her novel, and longer-term, work in the international relations sphere.

Alyson Grigsby

Capstone Project
Alliances as Recursion: Imagined Afro-Japanese Solidarities Through #BlackLivesMatter

In the Transcultural Studies Program, Alyson studies the intersections of social justice movements with racial politics. Their capstone thesis examines the historical racial alliances between African-American and Japanese communities. These alliances are then used as a lens to examine present Afro-Asian and Afro-Japanese solidarities in light of social movements such as #BlackLivesMatter. After graduation, Alyson hopes to work in the public sector and target systemic social and economic inequalities.

Casper Kazor

Capstone Project
X-Jendā: History and Performativity of Nonbinary Gender Identity in Japan

Nathan Wojcik

Capstone Project
BALL ACROSS THE NATION: Empowering The Next Generation Through Soccer and Social Justice

Through my time in TCS I have found myself enriched with a great curriculum that has expanded my interest in and responsibility over fighting for social justice. I will take the work I've done for my capstone project as the first step that I make toward helping to create a more just society for the generation currently growing up, and to empower them to make it for themselves. This has been a difficult and rewarding year, but as we stand at its completion, there is nothing else I'd rather have been than a Wolverine! GO BLUE!

Elizabeth Gabriella Byara Wood

Capstone Project
Byara: An American Story Told Through Lao New Year