Telling It staff stand firm against white supremacy, anti-blackness and all forms of racism. We remain in allegiance with the Black community members of Washtenaw County and beyond. Our response is to serve school-age youth who live in communities that are directly impacted by systemic racist policies. The youth are strong and forward thinking. We continue to bear witness to racist policies within--but not limited to--the realms of housing, health care, education, the criminal justice system, employment, financial opportunities, income, and the child welfare system. In light of the recent surge of protests throughout the world, and the years of work that have been building towards this moment, Telling It is hopeful that positive systemic changes will occur. We will continue to support the social emotional needs of the young people we serve using trauma-informed social work and educational best practices through the filter of the expressive arts. Our collective mission is committed to ensuring that youth know that their lives and safety matter.