Through its Fall 2016 competitive grant cycle, the Ypsilanti Area Community Fund awarded $37,965 in grants to support local nonprofit organizations and programs that improve the quality of life for Ypsilanti residents. Telling It has received a grant award to build on the success of Telling It at Parkridge Community Center. “The Ypsilanti Area Community Fund is genuinely excited to support [Telling It] efforts and the important work being done in Ypsilanti, “ says Maryellen Ferro, Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation’s Community Investment Officer.

These program sites have been in operation for two years. One site serves children 7-11 years of age and the other serves 12-18 year old teens. “This award will allow us to fund the continuation of two well-attended program sites at Parkridge Community Center,” says Deb Gordon-Gurfinkel, Founding Director.

Telling It is designed to meet the needs of youth so they can reach their full potential as engaged community members. The goals of the program are twofold. In collaboration with community stakeholders, local artists, and the youth themselves, provide a rigorously trained team that support youth in their communities by co-creating a healing environment where youth can address barriers to their success. In addition, opportunities are provided to improve emotional literacy, practice soft skills that are essential for effective social interaction, empower self-agency, reframe self-image, activate change when change is desired, build cognitive skills, address obstacles, stimulate writing and literacy skills.

About Telling It

Telling It is a community-based program that supports the healing and learning needs of under- served school-aged youth using best practices from education and social work filtered through the creative arts so they can lead safe, healthy and productive lives.