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Instructional Technology and Design

Learning and Teaching Technology Consulting

Course design, curricular integration of technology, grant project consultation, pedagogy focused seminars.

This service covers:

  • Canvas Course Integration and Design
  • Teaching with Student Response Tools (iClicker, Videoconference Polling, Chat)
  • Teaching and Learning with Collaboration and Discussion Resources (Shared Whiteboards, Yellow Dig, Canvas Discussion; Canvas Groups; Google Hangouts, Videoconferencing, and other Synchronous Resources)
  • Teaching and Learning with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality (AR/VR/XR) and 3D
  • Course Design and Curricular Integration of Technology
  • Innovative Teaching Technologies and Projects
  • Remote Teaching, Online Learning, and Distance Learning
  • Hybrid Reslient Teaching: Hybrid Courses, Flipped Courses
  • CourseShare -- Sharing Courses Across the Big10
  • Engaging Students and Increasing Participation
  • Active Learning and Team-Based Learning
  • Accessibility and Instructional Support
  • Classroom Technologies and Equipment (Catchbox, podium)
  • Teaching with Course Websites and Blogs
  • Academic Integrity and Instructional Technologies
  • Original Video Course Content Creation: Design, Production, Dissemination
  • Student Projects, Presentations, Creative Work
  • Faculty Funding and Grants: Instructional Initiatives, Teaching Innnovaton, Faculty Project Grants, NINI Grants, GMA and other Funding
  • Teaching with Course Software and Requests for New Software
  • Course Assessment and Assessment Tools
  • Instructional Computer Classrooms and Class Labs: Software Availability and Request Process
  • Consultation on Video Clips and Media Streaming for Courses