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Real-Time Chat Pilot for Newnan Advising and Residential College

Real-Time Chat Pilot for Newnan Advising and Residential College

LSA Technology Services is enabling the liberal arts from anywhere by piloting an online chat service with two student-focused LSA departments.
by Nancy Herlocher, Lead - Unit Engagement & Melissa Pellone, Desktop Support Specialist Senior

LSA Technology Services is supporting the mission of the college and enabling the liberal arts from anywhere by piloting a real-time chat service for two student-focused departments, the Newnan Academic Advising Center and the Residential College. The Amazon Connect platform was selected as the best fit for the chat service in order to secure student data and be fiscally responsible. The project team from LSA Technology Services’ Web and Application Development Services team designed and implemented chat instances for the pilot units. Collaborating with teams in the units, they implemented and trained chat representatives to serve the students in those units.   

We began by providing an avenue for students and parents to learn more about the Residential College by adding chat to their prospective students’ page. Logan Corey of the Admissions Team there says: “It's been useful on my end recreating the front office feeling of being in-person where prospective students might drop by unannounced (or call the desk) with questions that my student staff (RC Admissions Assistants) are trained to help answer. The Admissions Assistants have been handling the bulk of the chats and have shared positive feedback with me having a virtual version of this interaction back in their role.”

Additionally, enrolled students can now chat the Newnan Advising front desk. In the future, we will be adding the ability for students to ask Newnan advisors questions.

What is Amazon Connect?

Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center that supports chat for web and mobile.   

Why Amazon Connect?

After a technical study of various platforms, LSA Technology Services concluded that Amazon Connect:

  • Is user-friendly
  • Is affordable ($0.0036 per message)
  • Integrates with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), the website platform used for LSA websites
  • Allows either public (non-Single Sign-On) or protected (Single Sign-On) chat experience
  • Has easy-to-update configurations (e.g. office hours, contact flows, managin

How do we support Amazon Connect?

  • Set up and implement the unit’s Amazon Connect Instance
  • Give Chat Agents access to the Amazon Connect Instance
  • Training via a Job Aid

If your group is interested in the chat service for your area, email LSATechnologyServices@umich.edu to find out more information.

Release Date: 04/26/2021
Category: Innovate Newsletter
Tags: Technology Services