LSA Technology Services Launches User-Focused Website

LSA Technology Services launches new, user and service oriented website.
by Maria Laitan, Web Designer / Jessica Wolking, Web Designer

LSA Technology Services launched their new, customer focused website on August 21, 2019. Developed to improve search and access to all our services while supporting LSA Technology Services’ strategic goal of “Providing Faculty and Staff with Easier Access to Services,” the website houses support information for the newly formed units: Academic Technology Services, Operational Effectiveness, Research Computing and Infrastructure, Support Services, and Web and Application Development Services. 

The project was led by Web and Application Development Services’ Maria Laitan and Jessica Wolking. Over the course of a nine month process, Laitan and Wolking worked with multiple users across LSA and  individuals within LSA Technology Services to meet the summer deadline.

The foundation of the redesign was rooted in user experience research, investigating the needs of each facet of the LSA audience to ensure that their requirements were well documented and analyzed. Focus groups included participants from faculty, staff, and researchers. From there, the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) platform provided flexible design templates that accommodated the website’s new service detail features. The modern website features audience and data-driven navigation and content structures, updated design templates and components, and robust search functionality.

The Project Process

The scope of the project included creating a user-friendly, audience-based website that incorporated content and services from the previous units of Information Technology, Instructional Support Services, Management Information Systems, and Web Services.

New Features:

  • Service Detail templates standardize services throughout the organization

  • Flexible layout capability allows pages to be customized based on content and readability for users

  • Service Status page provides information about maintenance and outages of LSA services and a live-feed from ITS Service Status page

  • Services List Component is a complete list of all services offered within the organization

  • Enhanced Search Functionality allows for quick access to services to all sections of the website

Release Date: 09/06/2019
Category: Innovate Newsletter
Tags: Technology Services