Welcome to the Countdown to Duo@Weblogin: 8 weeks until we go live! If you happen to forget or misplace your phone, forget to charge it, read on for options to help you recover. If you’re not familiar with Duo, check out this introductory video.

I forgot my device, now what?

Do you have a second device or paper backup with you?  If not, call the ITS Service Center 734.764.4357 and press Option 1 to get a bypass code to use for the day. This can add a delay.  It’s better to have a backup.

What are my backup options?

  • HAVE A PAPER BACKUP: Text yourself one time use bypass codes, write them down and carry those in a safe place with you at all times.  Passcodes expire after 12 hours from receipt of the text.

  • Enroll a second device or more depending on how convenient it is for you to have access to them.  

    • Having a landline in your office and/or home enrolled allows you to connect in those locations when your mobile is not working/lost/stolen/etc.  

    • Having a Duo Token can be a great fall back in locations you need to work but don’t have a permanent phone like classrooms.


  1. You only need to complete two-factor authentication when you log in through the Weblogin page. Depending on the services and websites you use, you may be prompted to log in again.

  2. Adding two-factor for Weblogin does not increase the number of times you are prompted to log in; it adds a second step to the login process.

  3. Different services and websites prompt you to log in again after different time-out periods.

Can I make these timeouts longer? (Note: This cannot be used in classrooms)

When you get the Duo prompt you can opt in to have the browser you are using remember you for 7 days.  If you leave this machine or clear your history it will not continue to stay authenticated. Here’s what it looks like:

If you have automatic push enabled you may have a blue bar at the bottom of this screen and "Remember me for 7 days" is grayed out:

press "cancel" in the blue bar at the bottom when you see this screen to access it.

COMMON TIME OUTS (On the same browser)

Google Email/Drive/etc - There is essentially no time-out.

Canvas: 60 minutes

Box: 48 hours

Wolverine Access:

  • Employee Self-Service: 30 minutes

  • University Business: 60 minutes

  • Faculty Business: 60 minutes

Remember the ITS Service Center can help. If you need to, contact the ITS Service Center for assistance, including a temporary, extended-use bypass code. You can call the Service Center, 734.764.4357 and press Option 1. They even have 24/7 for Duo emergency assistance. When 4HELP is closed, call 734.764.4347 and press ‘0’.